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Litepod Company Diamond 2 SAD Light

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The Diamond 2 Light Box is the most affordable in the Diamond range and as a result it is a very popular choice. Medically proven to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder This model offers a treatment time of 60 minutes and has a light output of 10,000 lux at 33cm and 2,500 lux at 76cm. Often chosen by people that are in no rush to complete their treatment, people often keep the Diamond 2 on all day long as a desk lamp or an additional room light. The diffuser gives a lovely even luminosity. Features include a tilt-able stand, lightweight design and a handy carry handle.

Manufacturers Description

Manufacturers Description

Product ratings

28 November 2018

Very sturdy lamp. Good size too. Very pleased with the light. I would definitely recommend the light.

22 October 2014

AQ wonderful product that has brought me much relief from SAD. Thank you for your helpful advice and professionalism.