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Lumie Arabica SAD Light

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The Lumie Arabica SAD Light offers a home light therapy treatment lasting between 30 and 60 minutes depending on how much time you have during the day. Like natural sunlight this lightbox can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder by giving 10,000 lux at 25cm so that your brain can naturally produce serotonin to help you feel more alert and improve your mood by allowing your circadian rhythm and sleep pattern to behave normally. Each Lumie Arabica SAD Light is a certified Medical Device and comes with two 24W bulbs that on average need to be replaced every two years to maintain the best quality light treatment.

Manufacturers Description

Manufacturers Description

Product ratings

30 August 2018

I ordered this as a result of the couple of gloomy , rainy days we had this glorious Summer. After weeks of sunshine and light I guess my seratonin levels were high as was my mood. Well I really felt the change and decided I would invest in a portable light box having had a Parker lightbox over 20 years ago when I lived in a dark flat in Islington. And, I am not disappointed as this box has a very strong light output and is light enough to carry around the house where needed! I tend to put it near my dressing table in the mornings to help with makeup application as a bit myopic these days! I’ve also bought some natural daylight bulbs for the gloomy dining room and so happy with brightness when I enter the room. I’ve put three bulbs in various lamps which have transformed the mood completely; it’s like a bright summer day in there now! I only knock one star off the box for quality because of its cheap plastic front but I guess that is what keeps the price as well as weight down without skimping on light output. All in all, very pleased and not dreading the impending shorter days and darker months ahead :)

26 December 2017

I would prefer to review the service received when ordering online as well as review the product. I don't think you should separate the two. I have never had one before so I cannot truly rate the value ... you should give other options otherwise your review research is flawed. As you see I have so far been happy with the product. I was also very happy with the delivery service and understand that the online system of verification of person or banking needs to be updated. I like the bright white light but it is too bright to have at an arm's length ... nearly 1.5 m is better. the guidelines for therapy time are unclear but perhaps depends on degree of sad depression or other depression and other factors. is there any evidence it helps the body to create vitamin d?

16 November 2016

Fabulous. I should have bought one years ago. Use it every day without fail for 30-60 minutes, often in twenty minute sessions. I began to notice a marked improvement after a week. Mood is lifted, alertness has increased, sense of wellbeing and pleasure in life is enhanced. There is a definite sense of being more "awake" whereas previously I often flagged in energy and alertness by mid-afternoon. Thank you for a great product.

21 January 2016

Very happy with this item, it is helping