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ProLite Daylight Full Spectrum Bulb

30 Watt Edison Screw White Item code: 68816

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Supplied by the SAD experts at the Litepod Company, our ProLite Daylight Full Spectrum bulbs are a great way to improve the light quality in any room. They are energy efficient bulbs and the light output in the 11 watt model is equivalent to the old 60 watt bulbs, ranging up to the 30 watt bulb which is equivalent to a 100 watt bulb. These daylight light bulbs are a great enhancement to any home, and are often chosen by design studios, office environments and photographers. They emit a range of light very similar to sunlight to give a bright, natural feel to any room. They are often said to help relieve eye strain and tiredness that can be caused by poor artificial lighting and cheap ineffective energy efficient bulbs. The ProLite Daylight Full Spectrum bulbs are available in a range of powers and in both edison screw (ES) and bayonet cap (BC) fittings. Please note - Although these bulbs improve the light in a room they are not an alternative to a SAD Light Box as they are not powerful enough to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Manufacturers Description

Manufacturers Description

Product ratings

7 February 2019

Very pleased with this bulb. It arrived fast and well packed. It works well and is very bright which is what I wanted. Lacking daylight at this time of year.

25 September 2018

I cannot meaningfully review this product because I don't have other bulbs to compare it to or any way of evaluating quality of the spectrum it produces. Reviews by random members of the public are rarely helpful, even when they aren't being offered discounts for completing them.

7 May 2016

Day light bulb arrived well packaged and quickly

21 January 2016

Fantastic, I am buying 2 more

21 January 2016

Fantastic, plenty of real light

22 January 2015

Exactly as expected. This 30 Watt energy efficient bulb is probably equivalent to an old 100 watt bulb in terms of light output and the light emitted is a lovely natural light that has stopped me feeling quiet as tired. It is so good i've fitted a bulb in two rooms at home and recommended to my colleagues. Only down side is the price which is a bit expensive.