S.A.D. Lamps Range is the UK's leading retailer of Light Therapy products for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder. We stock a great range of S.A.D. light therapy devices including our top selling portable SAD light, the SAD Solutions BLUElight. Seasonal Affective Disorder relief can be brought about through the use of light boxes and bright light therapy as well as dawn simulators. Our SAD light products (also known as SAD lamps, light boxes, SAD lights) treat the root cause of seasonal affective disorder by providing the user with sufficient levels of the correct type of light in the darker months that they would not normally receive. One of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder is difficulty in waking in the morning. This can relieved by the use of a dawn simulator product. Dawn simulators, also known as sunrise clocks, gradually increase a bedside light to help you wake up gently, without the sudden shock of an alarm.