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SAD Solutions BLUElight SAD Light

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The SAD Solutions BLUElight is the most popular SAD Light in our range of light therapy products. When first introduced, it was one of the first products to use LED Technology which has been one of the biggest advances in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder in recent years. It packs the fastest treatment time into the smallest sized product in our range all at an affordable price. The SAD Solutions BLUElight is easy to use and can be set up and ready to use very quickly. This is the number one choice for the staff here at Key features of the SAD Solutions BLUElight: - Medically proven product that provides a treatment time of 15 - 20 minutes - Full EU Safety Certified as a Class I medical device under Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) - Use it anywhere: choose to use it on mains power or the integrated rechargeable long life lithium battery - Diffused light with adjustable brightness output meaning it can be tailored to the individual - UK designed product that is easy to use and comes with a clear instruction manual - A compact folding design that is very lightweight meaning it can be taken anywhere. Dimensions are just 15.2cm (height) x 13.2cm (width) x 2.4cm (depth) - It is as powerful as our largest light box, but the LED bulb technology means all the power can be scaled down to this pocket or handbag sized product - long lasting LED bulbs rated at 100,000 hours usage - adjustable timer and clear LCD display - *PLEASE NOTE - THIS PRODUCT NOW COMES WITH UK AND EURO ADAPTERS ONLY - the packaging/manual state that it also comes with USA and Australia plugs but these are not included

Manufacturers Description

Manufacturers Description

Product ratings

1 April 2019

An excellent small and portable sad light . This is second one ( I left the first behind on holiday !) Recharges easily and I find 20 mins at breakfast time sets me up for the day .

5 March 2019

Not had it long enough to be sure it does what it says.

3 March 2019

Ordered this due to feeling very tired and low for a few weeks.Used it for 5 days at the end of February.At first gave me a little headache but I did have it up full.After 5 days I felt less unhappy and less tired. I stared waking earlier and feeling much more positive.I would like to think this is mainly due to the lamp and will continue to use until mid march and then re start in October.

24 February 2019

Have been using for just over a week now and have noticed an improvement in my energy levels during the day. This has been a very sunny week so can’t be absolutely sure that the improvement is totally due to the blue lamp. This is an easy product to use and would recommend to anybody looking for such a product.

19 February 2019

Seems to do exactly what the sales information says it does and at least one of my children has found it makes her feel better. My only real concern is that the battery is not replaceable and I suspect it will be what limits the useful life of the product.

18 February 2019

It is too early to tell if the machine is making any difference however the first signs are very encouraging.

12 February 2019

Very happy with the product. I've been using it for two weeks and I can already see the difference in my energy levels and my positivity. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from Winter Fatigue or SADS.

9 February 2019

Arrived earlier than expected. Exactly as described. Have used it daily for about 10 days. Not sure if it works, maybe too soon to judge

6 February 2019

Very easy to use and very portable - an ideal solution and just what I was looking for. A good price for such a powerful light.

6 February 2019

My partner persuaded me to purchase this light as I leave for work in the dark and return in the dark. I was sceptical and thought it would be a waste of money but I have been pleasantly surprised. Within a week my partner said she could see the difference in me. I'm no longer in a bad mood all the time or eating my way through winter! My partner keeps saying she wished I'd had one years ago. It's surprisingly small but throws out a lot of light and only takes 15-20 mins use every morning. Worth every penny!

16 January 2019

quick delivery, smart design of lamp & seems to make a difference. Early days but signs look good

1 January 2019

Excellent. Easy to use. Good compact size.

29 December 2018

A good value product with a variable blue light that is not too harsh on the eyes and easy to use . It is compact and portable with battery operation as well as power supply and a carry case. I would recommend this product.

25 December 2018

Worries me to have received your post purchase email which states: “Thank you for your recent purchase. Unfortunately we don't have the time to try and test all of our products, but it is important to us that we're providing our customers with the best quality products we can.” I would have expected you to have fully tested your products before selling them !!

23 December 2018

The lamp is smaller than I expected but it is very portable. Very easy to use.

21 December 2018

This is making a huge difference to my life. I struggle with dark mornings in winter and in last years haven't felt fully 'awake' until close to noon, which has hugely impacted on my wellbeing and productivity. But within 15 minutes of sitting next to this lamp I feel so much better, and can go about my day like normal. I'm so happy I bought it.

21 December 2018

This is making a huge difference to my life. I struggle with dark mornings in winter and in last years haven't felt fully 'awake' until close to noon, which has hugely impacted on my wellbeing and productivity. But within 15 minutes of sitting next to this lamp I feel so much better, and can go about my day like normal. I'm so happy I bought it.

19 December 2018

I bought this product as a gift for my daughter after reading the positive reviews. She rang me up to say that after four days she was already feeling so much better. She hadn’t been doing her housework for six days and just wanted to sleep all the time. Now she is up and about and doing all her chores (has three children). She said “I love sitting in front of my light every morning while I am doing my paperwork and it just makes me feel so good”. What more could I ask for? it was well worth the money.

16 December 2018

This should be called a happy light, not a sad light! After using the lamp for a few days, I saw a noticeable improvement in my quality of sleep and mood. I'm sleeping a little bit longer than usual but most importantly, I feel like I'm sleeping deeply now, so I wake up feeling much more refreshed in the morning. The lamp is small, easy to use (LOVE the timer), easy to charge and easy to forget (I get immersed in my reading despite the strong light). I'm using it for 20 mins every morning as soon as I wake up. You can charge it and use it at the same time, so no need to plan ahead as far as the batteries are concerned. So far I haven't needed to take it anywhere but it's light and transportable (plus handy EU + UK plugs included) so perfect for taking with you when you go elsewhere. Thoroughly recommended.

12 December 2018

Had the lamp about eleven months (it came out of storage after a quiet summer) and it had developed an intermittent fault. SAD were very good at sending a replacement quickly and without fuss. Good customer service.