Choosing a SAD Light

SAD Light Safety

Safety is paramount in the products we supply. Our SAD Light Therapy products are entirely safe to use for healthy people. However, in some cases we advise you to consult your doctor before you start using the appliance; If you:

  • have an eye complaint or if you are sensitive to light.
  • are (or have been) depressed
  • are (or have been) taking antidepressants or medication against epilepsy.

Our customers have often consulted their doctor prior to purchasing a SAD LightBox and our products have been recommended to them. Our SAD LightBoxes have been supplied to the NHS, BUPA and other medical service providers, practictioners and health advisors to treat various illnesses and conditions.


Our range of SAD Light Therapy products are supplied by the following officially recognised manufacturers:

Apollo Health are the world leaders in Light Therapy, producing the wold's best selling Apollo goLITE range and carrying out more research than any other light therapy manufacturer.

The S.A.D. Lightbox Company who were the first company in the UK to design and manufacture lightboxes specifically for alleviating SAD, and after nearly two decades they continue to design innovative products.

Goldstaff Limited have produced the Britebox and other light therapy products for many years and they continue to bring innovative products to the market

Each of the above companies are registered with the Medical Devices Agency as a certified manufacturer of light therapy equipment as required by European Union legislation. (CE 0120, designed and built to conform to EN60601-1/-2, EC93/42, EC89/336, EN60598 and EN46002).


Our Dawn Simulator systems are supplied by Apollo Health and Gullwing Ltd and they are fully CE safety approved devices.

For more answers to your questions or concerns, you can visit our 'Frequently Asked Questions' section by clicking here.

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Medical Disclaimer - The information supplied in this site is not intended as medical advice. If you have any questions concerning any topics or treatments in these documents, you should seek the advice of your doctor, particularly if you are suffering from depression, have any medical or eye problems or are on medication that effects the eyes.